Pursue Your Freedom and Happiness!Evolio helps most women breaking down barriers to enter the gym



AI management system QR code / wristband check-in



Cloud management Workout progress tracking



Tailored Classes Finding the Right Fit for YOU

Evolio allows women to feel comfortable and supported in a fitness environment.

Taking women’s needs into primary consideration, we offer a female-only space where you can shape and tone your body in total comfort. Make your fitness great again.

Women Only Gyms are not a dream anymore but a beautiful reality.


Find the right women's workout routine and start getting results!
Evolio transforms your training record into visible data! With AI instructor and various equipments, you can 100% focus your fitness goal in a comfortable, positive atmosphere.
39-Minute Circuit training
A female-only fitness space
3 in 1 Full control
Artificial Intelligence Technology/AI Technology
Body composition analyzer
39-Minute Full Body workoutEfforts never go in vain. The Evolio circuit training for women are time efficient and versatile, combining light strength and cardio plus stretching to strengthen your whole body in just 39 minutes. 
Specifically Designed for Women to see Maximum Results.10 types of fitness equipment specially tailored for you, combining light strength and cardio plus stretching to strengthen your whole body.
Change different types of fitness equipment from time to time according to the season or month. Combined with tailored courses and a comfortable and supported environment where you can shape and tone your body in total comfort.
The Smart data integration creates a more efficient fitness journey!Members of evolio will possess their own RFID Wristband, and with the fitness APP, linking the equipment and body analyzers to track overall progress, providing quantifiable results to keep them motivated at self-management training.
AI simulation instructor,Fully automatic built-in memorySimple Smart Technological Equipments
Evolio workout video tutorial can provide a framework for a good workout, help you with form, ensure you are working all your muscle groups safely, and more. With RFID-compatible equipment, it memorizes your training weight when you scan the wristband. Not only will you work out smarter, but also hit your goals faster.
100% human body analysis of real statusThe ACCUNIQ body composition analyzer provides accurate values beyond INBODY, including edema index, sarcopenia, muscle/fat distribution of limbs, etc., so you could track the changes in your body easily.

A secure, safe,
and more encouraging environment

For Evloio, mission is to get women into strength training by removing barriers and making it fun and relatable.

Own a gym

There has been a steady increase in the number of women exercising regularly, with the growth up to 32.4% in 2021. The era of wellness and conscious living is upon us.

At Evolio, we set both our members and franchise partners up for success. Your franchise journey will be backed by a team of fitness industry experts for pre-launch support in business, system management, site selection, and more – and ongoing support to keep your gym going strong.
Unique concept combines fitness and technology create new needs for women's fitness. Welecome to join EVOLIO and create a global world together.
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